• Pool Openings
  • Pool Closings
  • Weekly Pool Vacuuming – $80 one hour maximum
  • Weekly Pool Chemical Check & Maintenance – $60/hr
  • Leak detection


  • Vinyl Liner Replacement
  • Leak Detection
  • Salt Water Conversion
  • Safety Cover Installation
  • Chemical Delivery
  • Equipment Replacement
  • General Maintenance
  • Water Analysis

and much more…


  • Swimming Pool Cleaning Equipment.
  • Swimming Pool Chemicals.
  • Swimming Pool Pumps and Motors.
  • Swimming Pools Filter CARTRIDGES
  • Chemical Feeders & Chlorinators.
  • Pipes, Valves & All Pool Room Equipment.
  • Heaters and Heat Pumps, Solar Panels.
  • Pool Underwater Lights.
  • Play Water Equipment.
  • Pool Cleaning Robots.
  • Pool Safety Covers.
  • Ozonators, Salt Systems.

We also sell: Safety covers, Pool chemicals


Pool water balancing is not too complicated; it is really about the relationship between different chemical measurements in your pool water. Your pool water is constantly changing depending on the weather, climate, usage, body oils and lotions, cosmetics, detergents. All these changes have an impact on your pool water balance.
Continuous filtration and disinfection removes unwanted contaminants and makes your pool look good, but this does not balance your water in the pool. A well-balanced pool has proper levels of pH, Total Alkalinity, and Calcium Hardness. It may also be defined as water that is neither corrosive or scaling.


If you would like support to add the proper chemicals to regulate your pool, let us take care of all the maintenance details for you. Our VIP pools services will keep your water crystal clear and chemicals balanced all season long. You can rely on us to enjoy a healthy and safe swimming pool experience.

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